Judge Motor Sports only offers the highest quality products and services for all your watercraft needs.  We can customize any package to meet any budget and your every need.  Special on location services are also available, please call for price.

Judge Motor Sports is a full custom fabricator of various race and recreational products.  JUDGE can custom make and weld any products to fit your needs.  JUDGE also modifies and repairs various watercraft parts, call for more details or click on the button below.

Flywheel Weld & Balance

Crankshaft Truing and Welding

Provides smooth operation at high rpm and prevents modified engines from twisting crank. New OE Crankshafts are trued to exact tolerances with precision fixtures and dial indicator gauges, then crank pins are welded. A must for high output engines.

T&W Service, Twin Crank

T&W Service, Triple Crank

Cylinder Boring & Honing

Our precision bore and hone services are performed with state-of-the-art technology powered by JUDGE

Twin cylinder boring

Twin cylinder Big boring

Single cylinder boring service

Triple cylinder boring

Triple cylinder Big boring

Cylinder re-sleeve service, 1 to 3 cylinders, (labor only)

Cylinder re-Nikasil Service, 1 cylinder (66E/66V/60T)

Cylinder Head Modification

JUDGE decks your stock cylinder head and reshape the combustion chambers to increase compression safely. Low-end punch and mid-range pull are increased. For 92+ octane pump fuel applications.

Head Modification For Twin OE Cylinder Head

Head Modification For Triple OE Cylinder Head

Head Modification For Triple OE Cylinder Head, 1200 PV (66V)

Head Modification For Triple OE Cylinder Head, 1300 PV (60T)

Pump Gas Porting

JUDGE high performance Pump Gas Porting provides a substantial increase in acceleration and top speed. Redesigned exhaust and transfer ports deliver significant power gains on 92+ octane pump fuel.


Cylinder Porting Service, Pump Gas (61X)

Cylinder Porting Service, Pump Gas (62T)

Cylinder Porting Service, Pump Gas (64X)

Cylinder Porting Service, Pump Gas (65U)

Cylinder Porting Service, Pump Gas (66E,66V)

Cylinder Porting Service, Pump Gas (60T)

Crankcase Porting

JUDGE case porting service includes careful rounding, matching and polishing of critical areas of fuel flow in crankcase. Recommended for improved performance in both racing and recreational applications.

Crankcase Porting, all Twins

Crankcase Porting, 1100/1200 (except 66V)

Crankcase Porting, 1200 Powervalve only (66V60T)


Crankcase Boring

Crankcase boring is necessary to accomodate JUDGE  Superstock and Big Bore Racing Sleeves. Cases are precision bored to ensure a close tolerance between cylinder sleeve and crankcase mating surfaces.

Crankcase Boring, Twin & Triple (all)

Pump Porting

Pump veins are opened up and sharpened to increase pump efficiency and thrust. Casting imperfections are removed and blended. Provides noticeably better hook-up and reduced cavitation.

Pump Porting Service (all)

Contact Judge Motor Sports for a price quote or any questions you may have, just click here.  Please Include a detailed description of the work you would like us to do along with your contact information including your address, phone number and e-mail address.

*** Custom Race Craft prices and service are subject to change without notice.  Please call for pricing ***

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