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10/12/2007 - TEAM Judge ROCKS World Finals

The Judge Motor Sports Racing clearly defined it's position at the 2007 World Finals in Lake Havasu City, AZ as the team to beat. 

Billy Dearman opened up the week of intense racing with a number 1 world title in Amateur Classic Open and 2nd place in Amateur 1200 Open.  Dustin Farthing joined the JMS racing team for one last world finals run finishing first overall in the GP Open class aboard the JMS signature series Kawasaki 15F.

Erminio closed the weekend in Pro Runabout with an impressive 2nd overall finish.

Tim would like to thank his entire team and supporters for a job well done.  The JMS team now heads back to the "THE SHOP" for more testing and planning for the 2008 US National Tour.


9/3/2007 - APBA 2007 US Nationals, Team JMS brings home over 13 National Wins

The Judge Motor Sports Racing team raided the Nashville TN shores in full force.  Erminio lead the charge finishing 1st overall, as the 2007 Pro-Am Runabout National Champion and high points champion.  Billy Dearman also finished 1st overall as the Expert 1200 Open Class National Champion.  Claude Clayton finished 5th overall in the Pro-Am Runabout 800 open class.  Trace Mills and Freddy Vaca rounded out the field in both Expert 1200 Runabout Limited and Open after a 2007 season sabbatical.

The Judge Motor Sports Blaster team dominated sport class with Lee Smith in 1st and Scott McKenna in Second.  Joe McKenna finished 5th

The Judge Motor Sports Racing Team head to Lake Havasu City for the 2007 IJSBA World Finals on September 29th - October 10th.  More information can be found at www.ijsba.com

The entire team would like to thank Tim Judge for all his hard work and dedication both on the water and off.

7/20/2007 - Watercraft Magazine, July Edition

Erminio Iantosca leads the national high points in Pro-Am Runabout Class.  Read all about it here.

5/12/2007 - APBA National Tour, Round 1 & 2, Parker Arizona

The Judge Motor Sports Racing Team took to the water Saturday, with top finishes in 4 classes.  Erminio Iantosca, the 2006 Pro 1200 National Champion dominated in moto one and two with a commanding lead over the competition finishing in 1st place for the day.  Billy Dearman and Trace Mills rounded out the field finishing 2nd and 6th for the day.

Freddy Vaca finished 3rd in Exp 1200 limited and 4th in Exp 1200 open.  Claude Clayton finished out the day with a 4th place overall for the day in Pro R/A 800 Open.

The team heads East for round 3 and 4 of the APBA National Tour in South Carolina.  Official results can be found at www.apbaracing.com or R1 and R2


1/7/2007 - The 2007 JUDGE Factory Racing Team is formed

PRESS RELEASE, NAPLES FLORIDA - Tim Judge of Judge Motor Sports announces the 2007 JUDGE Factory Racing Team. 

The 2007 JUDGE watercraft team will travel from coast to coast participating in the 2007 APBA National US tour, APBA Nationals and the IJSBA World Final.  The JUDGE team consists of Pro, Amateur and Expert riders in over 7 racing classes.

The 2007 Support Rider roster will be released at a later date.


9/6/2006 - PRESS RELEASE, Judge Motor Sports puts up 7 podium finishes at the 2006 APBA Nationals in Nashville, Tennessee.



The privateer shop teams are back stronger than ever, led by the Legendary Tim Judge !!


The Judge Motor Sports (JMS) factory racing team and support riders made there mark at the 2006 APBA Nationals with over 7 podium finishes and several national championships.


The JUDGE powered water crafts dominated the water in Pro 1200 Open, Amateur 1200 Open, Sport Modified, Expert 1200 Limited, Pro 800 Open, Expert Vet Ski classes and 4-Stroke Stock.


Iantosca led the charge aboard the JUDGE Kawasaki 4-Stroke in Pro R/A open followed by Billy Dearman.  Trace Mills and Freddy Vaca finished the day wrapping up 1st and 3rd place in moto 2 of Expert 1200 Limited.  Claude Clayton held them off in Pro-Am 800 Open.


With no signs of slowing down the, JUDGE powered sport class boats took 1st and 2nd place finishes by Lee Smith and Scott McKenna.  Paul Puchalski finished 2nd in Expert Vet Ski while Brian Smith battled for 2nd place in 4-stroke stock.    


The JUDGE racing team now heads to Lake Havasu City for the IJSBA World Finals in October. 


Tim Judge would like to thank each and everyone of his riders for their support and understanding that it takes two to make a successful and winning season.



8/30/2006 – IJSBA Hall of Fame


The IJSBA announced it will begin a Hall of Fame at the 2006 World Finals.  Over 14 Jet Ski racers from the past and present will be inducted in the hall of fame during a historic reception held on October 7, 2006 in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

Among those legendary individuals will be Tim Judge.  Tim Judge has dedicated the majority of his professional life to the world of water craft racing.  As the chief and head mechanic for team Yamaha in the mid 90’s, Tim Judge is responsible for over 40 world and national titles. 

During that time not only did Tim build and tune the entire team’s water crafts but also managed to secure him self 3 national titles and a world championship aboard a Yamaha Blaster. 

Judge now power’s his own Judge Motor Sports factory racing team.  Judge has dominated the industry with the newest technology and is the first to break recorded breaking speeds with his JUDGE signature series Kawasaki 4-strokes.


10/07/2006 – IJSBA World Finals


The 2006 IJSBA kicked off with a bang.  The popularity of the new 4-stroke technology is on the up rise proving, the sport of PWC racing is back.

During Expert R/A 1200 Limited, Trace Mills took 2nd overall.  In Amateur R/A 1200 Open, Freddy Vaca led the outside gate into the first turn however suffered an injury that would pull him out of the race.  Billy Dearman wrapped up an impressive 3rd overall fighting his way to the front. 

On Sunday, Erminio Iantosca finished 6th overall in Pro R/A 1200.  Claude Clayton rounded out the week with a 2nd place overall finish in Pro R/A 800.

Tim would like to thank the entire team for all there support and continued success.

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