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Judge Motor Sports is also your one stop shop for all OEM and after market parts and accessories from Skat-Trak, 3DR, R&D and many more.  Exclusive Judge Motor Sports t-shirts and stickers on sale now.

Check out our extensive inventory of stock and modified take off parts on sale now.  Call for more details or click the button below to place your order.


JUDGE Sea-Doo Ported Cylinders and Cases


JUDGE POWER, the secret behind the Judge Factory Racing Team.  Call for more information.

JUDGE GPR Ported Yamaha Cylinders


JUDGE power ported cyclinders for GPR single and triple pipe pump gas, 93+ octane.  Available from 80mm up to 87mm bore.  Call for more information.

ADA Big Bore - Free Ride


JUDGE Power, ADA Big Bore Free Ride for Yamaha

Kawi Trim Tabs


Available for both 15F and STX-R.

JUDGE Stroked Cranks


OE and Billet Stroked Cranks available in numerous stroke and rod configurations for Yamaha, Kawasaki and Sea-Doo.  Call for more details.

JUDGE Signature 15F Super Charger Kit


Arm STRETCHING power and performance by JUDGE.  Call for more information.

DASA Cylinders By JUDGE


(Stage 1 Shown)

Pure JUDGE Power.  Each cylinder is hand crafted and matched to perfection.  Available in PV or NON-PV.  Sizes from OE stroke to 8mm & 10mm.  Stage 1-5 available for immediate delivery. (call for details)

JUDGE Power Reed System for Yamaha GPR1200 or 1300


The Power-Reed System uses a V-Force 3 reed valve system which features a patent pending reed tip shape that accelerates the air mixture over the reed tips for even more airflow and horsepower.

This technology to their already incredibly successful double v-block reed cage design which doubles the reed tip surface area allowing more airflow with less reed petal movement, the V-Force 3 increases efficiency throughout the entire GPR1300 power band.

This results in explosive acceleration, sharper throttle response, improved fuel economy and significant horsepower gains that will beat out all the competition.  Call for more information.

Crank Case Porting


JUDGE POWER, the secret behind the Judge Factory Racing Team.  Make more power with our full crank case porting and boring for all types of PWC cases . We can also set up cases for stroked crank applications.

Yamaha Free Style Porting

With over 100 podium finishes, your JUDGE Powered SuperJet Free ride/Freestyle porting is a for sure WIN.

Full Billet Cases

100% custom billet cases for rec ridding, free ride and or racing (Yamaha only)

SS - 4mm Stroker Kawi Cylinder Kit - 84mm

New to the JUDGE line up, call for more details. (Kawi)

Complete 16mm Billet Case Engine

Race to WIN!! from 5mm to 16mm, call for more details (Yamaha)

To E-Mail Judge Motor Sports for a price quote or any questions just click here.  Please Include a detailed description of the work you would like us to do for you along with your contact information including your address, phone number and e-mail address.  Call for more information, 954-415-9226

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